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Who is behind these pages?

My name is Winfried Bauer, living in Germany in a small town near Frankfurt. I am retired - therefore I have time for my hobbies of recorder playing and computing. The combination of both these hobbies lead to these pages.

I am member of BOM (Recorder Orchestra Mainz - Block­flöten­orchester Mainz). Before I played with DORC (Dortmund Recorder Consort), one of Germanys largest recorder orchestras and some other smaller ensembles.

In order to improve my playing I am taking recorder lessons from time to time.

My job before retirement was that of a software specialist in the central support of a computer company. I dealt with software problems of our customers. That was be­fore the advent of the PC. At that time (1969-1990) the computers were huge cabinets filling large rooms. Besides consulting, training, and testing new software my main job was to find and correct errors in the operating system.

Questions & Answers
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